Shannen Moser - The Sun Still Seems To Move out 9/30 on Lame-O!


Over four years in the making, we couldn’t be happier to pull the curtain back on Shannen Moser’s third (and best) album, “The Sun Still Seems To Move” out 9/30 on Lame-O.

Today we’re releasing a video & single, Paint By Number. Stereogum describers the track “surrounding the Philadelphia singer-songwriter with a battalion of rock and orchestral instruments used in delicate powerful fashion. It never rises above a simmer, yet an intensity brims beneath the beauty.”

An album of reckoning with death and trauma, with all the shapes that love can take and all the people we’ve been and will become. It’s a record of regret and relief, unlocking every facet of feeling with an unabashed yet tender vigor. It’s watching the clouds bend to a new shape and still staying outside. It’s cry-laughing on the phone to an old friend, and trying to trust yourself again.

The vinyl for “The Sun Still Seems To Move” will follow the digital release, and is a stunning piece of art crafted by Russell Edling. A perfect companion to a gorgeous collection of songs. Available on coke bottle clear vinyl and super limited Violet Smoke vinyl for our Lame-O Fan Club folks.




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